Economic Opportunity

Our economy should work for all of us. We need common sense policies that put the needs of working families and seniors over big corporations. I’ll work to provide tax relief with targeted tax cuts that will benefit working people, families, and seniors, such as expanding the child tax credit and eliminating the tax on Social Security benefits.

save our democracy

Protecting our Democracy

Our right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. I’m not afraid to stand up to election deniers and I’ll protect our ability to conveniently vote by mail and at early in-person locations in Dakota County. I’ll also work to get dark money out of our politics.


Our children deserve a world class education. As an ELL teacher and a parent of public school students, I know the challenges our schools face. I’ll fight to make sure that our students get the mental health support they desperately need. We need full funding for our public schools from the State, not just to make sure that our Lakeville schools remain excellent, but to reduce the need for levies.

Protecting Our Rights

All Minnesotans deserve to feel welcome in our communities, regardless of who they are, where they are from, how they worship, or who they love. I’ll stand up to the extremists that are seeking to roll back our rights, whether it be the right to make reproductive decisions about our bodies, the right to have our voices heard at the polls, or the right to marry who you love.

Reproductive Freedom

Reproductive care decisions are some of the most deeply personal and impactful choices that we make. There’s no doubt that extremist voices in the Legislature will try to take the ability to make those decisions out of our hands. We’ve seen how this is now playing out in other states, where doctors are now becoming unwilling to provide critical medical care because of fear of being prosecuted. I’ll always stand up for your healthcare decisions being between you and your doctor, not in the hands of politicians.

Health Care

All Minnesotans deserve access to the medical care they need. I’ll stand up to big pharmaceutical companies that put profits before people, fight for expanding access to mental health services for everyone that needs it, and give individuals the option to join MinnesotaCare for their healthcare coverage.

Public Safety

We all deserve to feel safe in our communities. We need a comprehensive approach to community safety - ensuring police have the resources they need to keep us safe and proactively making our communities safer with programs that prevent crime. We also need to take common sense steps to prevent gun violence, including requiring background checks on all gun sales and safe storage laws to keep kids away from firearms. I’ll be a leader at the legislature to move that legislation forward.


Seniors deserve to have financial security and access to affordable housing and healthcare. I would fight to end the tax on social security and lower prescription drug prices by holding big pharmaceutical companies accountable when they engage in price gouging. I would also advocate to increase the number of home health aids to help seniors live in their homes longer.